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Mog-Anesh (Eastern Continent)

The Continent, Mog-Anesh is the largest known land mass in Gregoor Sheav. Due to its sheer vastness, Mog-Anesh features climate zones of almost every type, with subpolar regions in the far north and subtropical regions in the south. Plentiful resources and geographic variety have facilitated the development of several civilizations including the Empire of Nov Romara, currently the strongest economic and military power in all of Gregoor-Sheav.

Eld-Planoak (Western Continent)

Ed-Planoak has some of the most beautiful, tropical coastline in all of Gregoor-Sheav, but its interior is filled with burning deserts and rolling plains where water is scarce and life can be harsh. Yet life persists and the Edwed population of Eld-Planoak rivals that of Mog-Anosh, but this population is concentrated in vast gleaming cities built wherever water, the most precious of all resources, can be found.

Nue-Planoak (South-Eastern Continent)

The continent of Nue-Planoak is a lush, tropical paradise with more variety in its flora and fauna than anywhere else in Gregoor-Sheav (with the possible exception of Tekinesh, though for more nefarious reasons). Most of the land is dominated by two nations, Kal-Uys and Kal-Shvun, the nations of the Primes. Both have isolated themselves from the rest of Gregoor-Sheav except for trade relationships with Kal-Baar.

Island Nations