Spawn of Chaos Wiki

The Planet

Gregoor-Sheav’s orbit is different than the Earth’s. The north pole always tilts away from the sun so there is no seasonal variation of daylight and nighttime hours. The sun never rises over the north pole and never sets over the south. There are still seasons as the planet’s orbit is elliptical and its distance from the sun varies, but seasonal effects on climate patterns are not the same as Earth’s.

The Poles

The south pole is a burning wasteland with hundreds of active volcanoes. The closer one gets to the true pole, the more intense this activity becomes and the more treacherous and volatile the terrain.

The North pole is seismically active with near daily earthquakes. Some of this activity effects the continent, Mog-Anosh, but is not felt as intensely as it is at the pole. These tremors make navigating the northern oceans extremely difficult.

The Void

There is a section of the night sky that looks as if it were blotted out by spilled ink. It can only be seen in the northern hemisphere and only for half the solar year. For three days, it can be seen in its entirety, but only if one is standing at the north pole. At the top of the world, a ring of stars can be seen on the horizon, but above there is only this dark expanse commonly called, The Void. Many astronomers believe, with a growing sense of panic, that this darkness is growing.

Forever Storms

Two regions suffer hurricane level storms that never abate. The larger is in the Ocean of Mystery in the Southwest. Legend speaks of a lost continent at the center of the storm, but modern ships are incapable of navigating through the ferocious winds and surging sea to verify if this is true. The other smaller storm surrounds the island known only as Shadzog. Little is known of the place, but it is believed this is where the Heralds of the Wayinaar defeated Shadzog to end the War of the Breaking.

Death zones

The storms in the south, seismic activity in the north, and naval blockades erected by the Nov Romaran navy have made it nearly impossible to traverse the ocean east of Mog-Anosh, west of Nue-Planoak, and the maritime regions around the poles. These Death Zones have led some to posit a flat-world theory, but the truth is far more complicated.