Spawn of Chaos Wiki

Lifespan: 300-500 years (and in some cases, 600+)

Physically, Primes are tall but thin. At 7-8 feet tall, they tower over Edwed Minors, but are less hardy than Edwed Majors. Far more philosophic and introspective than their smaller cousins. The Primes primarily live lives of reflection and study. Their will and control over their emotions is unmatched. After the War of the Breaking, they were driven from all continents except Nue-Planoak where they have lived in isolation studying the stars. They are attempting to piece together the lost secrets of their ancestors to prepare for what is to come.

Campaign Notes: The Primes of Kal-Uys have an ancient culture steeped in tradition. Their cities are marvels of architecture built into the natural landscape and their scholars are steeped in ancient lore and philosophy. The Primes of Kal-Shvun live a more naturalistic lifestyle, living wild compared to their more refined kin, with home that are barely discernable from landscapes in which they are nestled. They have a deep respect for natural order and see technology and industry as a cancer corrupting Gregoor-Sheav.

There are Other Primes who have been isolated from larger Prime society. This genetic drift has caused them to develop into barely recognizable variations of the original race.