Spawn of Chaos Wiki


It rolls off the tongue like a curse. A devil, a monster, the shadow that would rise from the depths and consume this world. The Primes, may they rot in their jungles, bowed to the hunger of this beast. They would have fed the rest of us to Shadzog to save their decadent, fading culture. If not for the Heralds, they would have succeeded.

The Primes let Shazog rage against its bonds unopposed until the barriers confining it to hell weakened and collapsed. But the Heralds, may their image grace every hall, rallied Gregoor-Sheav against the Primes and drove back to their homelands.

But it was too late.

The earth shook, cities trembled, and whole civilizations were swallowed in darkness as Shadzog rose. The Heralds fought for seven day and nights. They sacrificed their bodies, their minds, and for some, their very souls. In the end, they forced Shadzog back into the darkness of the earth and sealed it with magic and stone.

And now it sleeps, it dreams, and it waits. So we must be ever watchful, for the world will break once again. We must be ready.

Anonymous Watcher