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The dominant race in the world of Gregoor-Sheav are the Edwed, a humanoid race not so different from are own but with a few notable distinctions, some visible and some not.

Though their facial features and physical proportions are human-like, Edwed have a wide variety of skin tones. The majority are multi-colored with striking patterns: marbling, patches, and stripes to name a few. Their eye color is far more varied than human's and their eyes either flash in the light, or have a soft internal glow.

A more profound difference between Edwed and humans cannot be seen. Edwed are highly adaptable to their environments and genetic changes that would take thousands of years for most species can take root within a handful of generations. As a result, the appearance and proclivities of different groups of Edwed will reflect their environments in profound ways.

Their strongest trait, however, is something they share with other humanoid species: the passion and drive to overcome obstacles, to evolve and learn, and to face and defeat seemingly impossible adversity.

Edwed Minor

Edwed Major

Edwed Prime